The oldest of Armaiolo dates back to 1260 , when some Florentines defeated the Sienese at Montaperti , caused damage to the castle. In 1524 the Armaiolesi oppose the Duke of Albinia sent by the king of France, and for this affront were put to the sword.

The greatest tragedy , however, dates back to the last war between Siena and Florence : May 30, 1554 the castle was besieged by the imperial army - Medici and the inhabitants were ordered to surrender. But when they refused , all except women , were killed and the castle of Armaiolo set on fire.

A fourteenth-century Sienese notary , Ser Cristofano di Gano Guidino , he held several times Gunsmith to the role of the vicar of the City of Siena ; here he had purchased land for well 477 florins , two houses and a cellar. Cristofano was bound by friendship with Catherine Benincasa , the well-known patron of Europe (1347-1380) , who according to legend would have stopped to Armaiolo. The Terzo of Fontebranda , which together Finimondo and Capanna compose the castle inside the walls , perhaps just remembered the district where he was born and lived the Sienese saint .


Source: Primamedia Editore