Fraction of Rapolano, but separate municipality until 1777, the village of Serre leans on a hill overlooking the valley and was used as a fortified castle by the noble Sienese "guarding" of agricultural land below; This role was strengthened with the donation of land and farms that did Piccolomini in 1297 at the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, beginning the history of the Grange, central control and storage of the area.
The highest part of the country, keep, sees the two powers facing each other opposite: the Castle and the Church of San Lorenzo.
Remains outside the interweaving of winding alleys of the historical center of Sant'Andreino the Church, the oldest in the country, a fine example of Romanesque style.
The surrounding area offers great views and hamlets, such as the San Gimignanello, castle recognized by 1022, very well preserved.


Source: Primamedia Editore