After a long and delicate restoration work, the Grancia of Serre Rapolano is returned to the public .
The Museum of Antica Grancia owned by the City of Rapolano was carried out with the assistance of the Province of Siena in collaboration with the Department and the Department of Culture of the Tuscany region .
With this operation symbolically retie the threads of a long stretch of history not only of the mountain community of Rapolano and Greenhouses, but throughout the province that the hospital Santa Maria della Scala and the System of Grance has taken many important pages of his history.

How it all started

Its construction began in the thirteenth century and around the fourteenth century the complex had already taken on the aspect that still has a continuous block . Between the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century it was transformed in part into a fortress . Between 1521 and 1531 were retouched environments representative of the Grange and the room. A new chapel was built beside the medieval one . Around 1575 they built the large three-story building that extends at the second courtyard of the Grange . The interventions of the last centuries reflect the functional nature, which bought the building with the alienation took place in 1790.

It is a historical and cultural heritage is very important that represented the center of local agricultural production capable of ensuring portion of food for the hospital of Siena. The Grange was a grain storage, processing oil and wine . Just to keep this multiplicity of functions , the Museum of Antica Grancia provides a specific path .
Inside there is a field called " oil museum " dedicated to olive oil and to the cycle , which uses space and equipment of an old mill. In these rooms are arranged panels on the cultivation and processing of the oil in the twentieth century was in fact preserved in jars . Another a
rea of the museum contains the Documentation Centre of Grancie . In one wing of the four media stations allow visitors to learn through special hypertext, the events of the Grancia and the System of Grancia of Santa Maria . It ' also possible to make a virtual visit to the main structure of the building.

Business hours

Saturday and Sunday ( and public holidays) from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00


Full € . 5.00
Reduced € . 4.00 (children 6-12 years old , adults over 65 years old)
Families € . 15.00 ( 2 adults and 2 children between 6 and 12 years old)
Single ticket of € whole area . 25.00
Single ticket € of reduced area . 20.00
Free ( residents , children under 6 years old, the handicapped and their companion)

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