Thanks to the latest technologies into a museum of cultural heritage, the visitor will discover Rapolano Terme and near historical center of Serre and Gunsmith in an interactive and engaging. The integration of traditional signage , and QRcode application for mobile devices, allows navigation in two languages to more than 30 points of interest, described through text, images and augmented reality.

The application is downloadable via Internet connection from the Apple Store and Google Play. Who was not in possession of the latest devices can access additional content " photographing " QR codes placed on the panels or taking advantage of the billboards scattered in the villages or in the immediate vicinity . The tour consists of six courses : History, Borghi , Garibaldi, Travertine , the Baths , the Museum .

For each location , you can view a data sheet on the chart with relative distances of the profile, or access the online mode to view the interactive map and be guided to points of interest .
From the vantage points of the Plain Rapolano Terme and the Grange in Serre will be able to discover the capabilities of augmented reality App Selecting the ' option "AR" on the band 's navigation display and pointing your smartphone or your tablet on the landscape in front to you , you will see on the screen other points of interest that , in turn, will permettereanno - tapping - access to additional content , providing a virtual journey , starting from the ancient walls , you will discover the magnificent land that extends around you.



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Source: Primamaedia Editore