If the natural, historical and artistic vestiges of an illustrious past and healthy spa combine to make Rapolano of its territory and an excellent tourist destination , especially during the period from May to October , the folkloric events, concentrated in these months , and food traditions are many more reasons for a hike or a prolonged stay . The village of Serre is in turn reports to the Serremaggio , folklore and traditional cultural event ( the third week of May) , in addition to hosting the annual exhibitions of various kinds, proposed for the two weekends the "Feast of Ciambragina " grand historical- medieval wants to revive the costumes and the atmosphere of bygone days , when the castle of Serre was among the most important of the Sienese . On this occasion, more than four hundred listed ( with clothes made strictly on sketches drawn from paintings of the late fourteenth century ) return as a time to animate the streets and alleys of the town : liutoe of fiddle players , fire eaters , jugglers and acrobats brighten up a crowd Colorful nobles, prelates , knights, madonnas and artisans ; Ancoli while in the darkest and mysterious fortune tellers and astrologers predict the future ; Armed guards at the gates of swords and halberds ensure public order; at their desks notaries spread acts of donation and purchase , the money changers offer local currency at the exchange rate ; and while in the markets and in the shops attendants rigidly in costume propose to the visitor objects and foods of a time that was . In the evening , of course, electric lights banned and only the glow of torches and flames . The Serremaggio is in fact a very special occasion to visit the village of Serre .
At the end of November, in the historic center of Serre , takes place " Girolio ", an event dedicated to the enhancement of olive oil and wine tasting of the new production .